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This is the blog for Sailor Moon Space, a fan-made "season" of the anime Sailor Moon. All materials can be found on corresponding pages.

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Sailor Moon Space News, 01.10

Hi! I have some updates!

  • I have uploaded the opening and the ending animations for the first (Crystals) arc of Sailor Moon Space to this blog! I've also uploaded Sailor Moon's Transformation! You can look for them on the "Videos" page!

  • I've updated the "Videos" page! Now all the existing videos are categorized there! I am thinking on adding brief video descriptions to this page to keep my content accessible, but it would take some time i don't currently have, so i'm only ready to do this on demand. Message me if you'd want that!

  • I've updated the Chapters page too! It now informs you that the chapters contain around 1400 words each. This will also be the case for all the future chapters!

  • I am about to start writing the episodes for the Shadows arc after i finish a couple of other things I am doing. I will also have to wait and see if my whole "drawing digitally" situation improves. I've got new glasses, so that's a start!

might drop a bright new animated video, like, really soon...

any ideas what it will be? :D

Quick news: I will be reuploading the first Sailor Moon Space opening shortly! As much as I would like to redraw it completely, I'm currently unable to. But I am going to make some little changes that will hopefully improve it, and I'm also considering adding a retro anime effect to it.

I hope it reaches as many notes as the original one did! And of course, the second Sailor Moon Space opening is right around the corner!

Sailor Moon Space news, 13.09

This time, the news are... kinda bad. To put it shortly - I've lost my ability to draw digitally for the uncertain period of time. Two things are, sort of, broken - my phone and my eyes, so I can't carry on no matter how much I want to! The only long-term solution for this i see is switching to the tablet (im aiming on an ipad so that i could animate on the go too), but that's not something i can purchase on a whim.

I am really close to finishing the two animations i've promised you, so you can see how it's frustrating for me too. Most likely I'll tooth and claw through this to finish that litttle part that needs to be done, but the situation means that there will be no new concept arts, transformation animations, and the Sailor Moon Space ending link will stay empty for an unknown period of time.

Luckily, Sailor Moon Space is mainly written, so in the meantime i can focus on writing the next 10 Sailor Moon Space episodes! But who will draw fake screenshots for them? Well, you can! If you want to. However, in order to do that, Sailor Moon Space needs to be written first. Which means, I'm going to make a separate news post for anyone who wants to help as soon as at least one episode is written! Which, actually, can take quite a while... Consider joining Sailor Moon Space discord to never miss an update!

In the meantime, I am going to reupload some of my fake screenshots for the first five episodes as art posts. This way the blog won't be empty, and spreading my art around, I believe, is a nice way to engage with followers and maybe even gain new ones! (Well, if I have destroyed my eyes for this, of course I am going to try and get everyone into it!) I think the screenshots are mostly spoiler-free, but I'll keep an eye on that! I am also going to post some Sailor Quasar lore, since the upcoming arc of Sailor Moon Space is all about her!

Last but not the least, if you want to contribute to me getting a tablet sooner, consider tossing me a ko-fi!

Sailor Moon Space news: First Arc Updated

Finally! All the links are checked, and all five of the first Sailor Moon Space episodes are out on this blog! That was a lot of work, but I was greeted by a shiny full moon outside the window, so I'm taking this as a good sign.

Even if you've read them already, consider checking them out again. Fancier title screens, stylized retro anime fake screenshots, fixes of logical mistakes and pacing in writing - I think this counts as a Blu-Ray edition of Sailor Moon Space! I've fixed the parts that were rushed, and hopefully improved the readability as a whole.

If you just want to check out the updated screenshots, they will be available at the Art Gallery page at some point!

The opening is not reuploaded yet; I consider adding some changes to it, yet I don't know how big these changes are going to be.

Thanks for supporting me with your engagement!

Sailor Moon Space news, 21.06

  1. We have a new logo! Observe!

  2. In the next few weeks, more Sailor Guardians content arts and promo pictures for Sailor Moon Space will come out. Stay tuned!

  3. While no episodes are airing, I am planning to launch a new written series written from perspective of Luna and Artemis, to fill in on details left behind the scenes, give out some information and keep you entertained!

  4. I'm considering reposting some of my older SMSpace art separately. In the meanwhile, the first five episodes are available to read by the link in my blog pages!

sailor-moon-space -

Sailor Moon Space news, 01.09

The first five chapters/episodes are going to be reuploaded to this blog!

Sorry for the lack of content! I am experieicing burnout and it's dangerous for my health to continue working on this peoject right now.

But at least we have a pretty blog with pretty pages, right?

Things that are coming soon-ish, hopefully this fall:

- InterMeows part II

- Animations!!

- Sailor Quasar concept art!