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This is the blog for Sailor Moon Space, a fan-made "season" of the anime Sailor Moon. All materials can be found on corresponding pages.

episode VI release date: unknown

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- Sailor Moon and the original Sailor Guardians belong to Naoko Takeuchi
- art, animation, scripts - Jessieee
- guest art - levierina
- art advice - sinxenon
- language advice - @luna-megalopolis
- credit to music owners in video descriptions

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It's been three years since the Sailor Guardians last fought the powers of evil. Usagi and her friends are ready to enter new chapters of their lives, but one night everything changes as giant, dark crystals descend from the sky. This time the enemy of Sailor Guardians is linked to an even greater evil force, capable of wiping out entire planets... With her newly found power, will Sailor Moon be able to protect the galaxy once again? And who is this new girl in a Sailor Suit, hiding her face behind the shades?

Welcome to Sailor Moon Space, a Sailor Moon fanime project!

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