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Why Sailor Guardians?

If you've watched Sailor Moon, you're probably wondering, why I'm calling them Sailor Guardians and not Sailor Soldiers, Sailor Scouts, Sailor Warriors, or Sailor Senshi.

Now, "Senshi" is a Japanese word, and I didn't want to use if in order not to confuse people. I don't speak Japanese, but I've read in a Sailor Moon related article that the translation of this word has a "Guardian" aspect. And I believe that because the original job of Sailor Senshi was quite literally guarding the princess, and Outer Senshi was guarding the kingdom. Scouts is a weird American localization, Warriors is a Russian version that probably nobody will recognize, and I could use Soldiers since that's what they sing when the transformation song plays, but I don't like the associations with this word. So Sailor Guardians it is!