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Found one of my first Sailor Moon - related drawings (10+ years old) and decided to make a quick redraw. Isn't Sailor Venus just the cutest?!

Original picture + some info under the cut

This picture here is probably my first Sailor Venus drawing ever! Her design is supposed to be different from the series, since it's actually from another Sailor Moon AU I've had (the one with the Sailor Earth, we all had one of those at some point in the Sailor Moon fandom). For this redraw, I've decided just draw her in the Celestial outfit from Sailor Moon Space. I wanted to incorporate the flow of her hair and her bow into the redraw and, of course, i've kept the lovely hearts in the background and her cute wink! I've only changed her pose slightly to make it more balanced, since at this point of my art I can actually stop hiding the hands of the characters I draw behind their backs.

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