Sailor Moon Space News, 20/11

  1. I cannot stress this enough, we have a brand new animated opening for the second arc, SHADOWS! You can watch it here
  2. The episode pages have been rebranded accodring to the two Arcs, Crystals and Shadows. Now they have fake dvd covers! Crystals arc has its own page with all the episode synopsyses and links! Read it here
  3. The synopsyses of Shadows arc are written for almost the entire season and are soon to be uploaded as a post so I can hide them from the spoilers! Don't know if i'll be asking for help with the art yet since my eyes are back in shape.
  4. The Shadow Arc release date (first episode airing) is postponed until 2021 since this project takes up a lot of resources but doesn't pay off that much. Still, I'm planning to finish it regardless.
  5. In the meantime, I will be posting some promo pictures! You can check out the first one here

And here's the new icon! It's a little... Experimental.

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And here's the new icon! The eyes are a little... Experimental.

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