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This is the blog for Sailor Moon Space, a fan-made "season" of the anime Sailor Moon. All materials can be found on corresponding pages.

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Sailor Moon Space News, 01.10

Hi! I have some updates!

  • I have uploaded the opening and the ending animations for the first (Crystals) arc of Sailor Moon Space to this blog! I've also uploaded Sailor Moon's Transformation! You can look for them on the "Videos" page!

  • I've updated the "Videos" page! Now all the existing videos are categorized there! I am thinking on adding brief video descriptions to this page to keep my content accessible, but it would take some time i don't currently have, so i'm only ready to do this on demand. Message me if you'd want that!

  • I've updated the Chapters page too! It now informs you that the chapters contain around 1400 words each. This will also be the case for all the future chapters!

  • I am about to start writing the episodes for the Shadows arc after i finish a couple of other things I am doing. I will also have to wait and see if my whole "drawing digitally" situation improves. I've got new glasses, so that's a start!

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Important note about the videos!!

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