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Sailor Moon Space news, 13.09

This time, the news are... kinda bad. To put it shortly - I've lost my ability to draw digitally for the uncertain period of time. Two things are, sort of, broken - my phone and my eyes, so I can't carry on no matter how much I want to! The only long-term solution for this i see is switching to the tablet (im aiming on an ipad so that i could animate on the go too), but that's not something i can purchase on a whim.

I am really close to finishing the two animations i've promised you, so you can see how it's frustrating for me too. Most likely I'll tooth and claw through this to finish that litttle part that needs to be done, but the situation means that there will be no new concept arts, transformation animations, and the Sailor Moon Space ending link will stay empty for an unknown period of time.

Luckily, Sailor Moon Space is mainly written, so in the meantime i can focus on writing the next 10 Sailor Moon Space episodes! But who will draw fake screenshots for them? Well, you can! If you want to. However, in order to do that, Sailor Moon Space needs to be written first. Which means, I'm going to make a separate news post for anyone who wants to help as soon as at least one episode is written! Which, actually, can take quite a while... Consider joining Sailor Moon Space discord to never miss an update!

In the meantime, I am going to reupload some of my fake screenshots for the first five episodes as art posts. This way the blog won't be empty, and spreading my art around, I believe, is a nice way to engage with followers and maybe even gain new ones! (Well, if I have destroyed my eyes for this, of course I am going to try and get everyone into it!) I think the screenshots are mostly spoiler-free, but I'll keep an eye on that! I am also going to post some Sailor Quasar lore, since the upcoming arc of Sailor Moon Space is all about her!

Last but not the least, if you want to contribute to me getting a tablet sooner, consider tossing me a ko-fi!

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