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This is the blog for Sailor Moon Space, a fan-made "season" of the anime Sailor Moon. All materials can be found on corresponding pages.

episode VI release date: unknown

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  • Sailor Moon and the original Sailor Guardians belong to Naoko Takeuchi
  • art, animation, scripts - Jessieee
  • guest art - levierina
  • art advice - sinxenon
  • language advice - @luna-megalopolis
  • credit to music owners in video descriptions

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Sailor Moon Space news: First Arc Updated

Finally! All the links are checked, and all five of the first Sailor Moon Space episodes are out on this blog! That was a lot of work, but I was greeted by a shiny full moon outside the window, so I'm taking this as a good sign.

Even if you've read them already, consider checking them out again. Fancier title screens, stylized retro anime fake screenshots, fixes of logical mistakes and pacing in writing - I think this counts as a Blu-Ray edition of Sailor Moon Space! I've fixed the parts that were rushed, and hopefully improved the readability as a whole.

If you just want to check out the updated screenshots, they will be available at the Art Gallery page at some point!

The opening is not reuploaded yet; I consider adding some changes to it, yet I don't know how big these changes are going to be.

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