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This is the blog for Sailor Moon Space, a fan-made "season" of the anime Sailor Moon. All materials can be found on corresponding pages.

episode VI release date: unknown

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- Sailor Moon and the original Sailor Guardians belong to Naoko Takeuchi
- art, animation, scripts - Jessieee
- guest art - levierina
- art advice - sinxenon
- language advice - @luna-megalopolis
- credit to music owners in video descriptions

A͙rt ga͙llery

Sailor Moon Space news, 21.06

  1. We have a new logo! Observe!

  2. In the next few weeks, more Sailor Guardians content arts and promo pictures for Sailor Moon Space will come out. Stay tuned!

  3. While no episodes are airing, I am planning to launch a new written series written from perspective of Luna and Artemis, to fill in on details left behind the scenes, give out some information and keep you entertained!

  4. I'm considering reposting some of my older SMSpace art separately. In the meanwhile, the first five episodes are available to read by the link in my blog pages!

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Sailor Moon Space news, 01.09

The first five chapters/episodes are going to be reuploaded to this blog!

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Sailor Moon Space news, 01.09

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Yay! Your SM art is nice :)

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