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- Sailor Moon and the original Sailor Guardians belong to Naoko Takeuchi
- art, animation, scripts - Jessieee
- guest art - levierina
- art advice - sinxenon
- language advice - @luna-megalopolis
- credit to music owners in video descriptions

A͙rt ga͙llery

Episode 5 - ETERNITY (Sailor Moon Space)


(written by Jessieee)

The screen gets blurry and desaturated, as what we are seeing are Ria’s memories. The background voice of her tells the story, and pictures change to show what she's talking about.

Ria: At the edge of the Universe, there is a prosperous planet called Eternity. The people of this planet are powerful beings full of energy, and each of them has their own unique power. Each one of the Eternians took an oath to use their powers to keep the balance in the Universe, guarding the Energy Fountain which is the source of Eternity's energy for everyone.

Ria: One day, a child was born on Eternity.

On the screen, there's Baby Ria - a small child with short red hair and big, bright blue eyes.

Ria: Her parents, as the tradition was, went to the Energy Fountain to take a look at her future. What they got was a terrifying prophecy. It said, as soon as the child turns nineteen, the entire planet will be destroyed.

Ria: As the child grew, her power became more and more visible. Her power was to drain energy from things, and it was one of the strongest powers in all Eternity, possibly in the whole universe. This is the power that no one has ever seen before. Wherever she went, the wind stopped blowing, the animals ran, and the plants faded. Other children were too scared to play with her.

Baby Ria sits in the garden. She smiles as she reaches for a pretty red flower, but it dries as she touches it. Ria sighs sadly and looks in the sky. Birds are flying away from her, as the dark clouds cover the sky. She buries her face in her hands as a patch of grass around her slowly turns black.

Ria: On her tenth birthday, her parents gifted her a magical pendant.

Ria's parents give their child a gift. It is a pendant made of a red heart-shaped crystal on a silver chain.

Baby Ria: Wow! It's so pretty!

Ria: They said that it would help her control her powers. She could just put this on and don't worry about the energy drain.

We see Baby Ria sitting in a garden and looking at blooming flowers with a smile. None of the flowers react to her. She laughs happily as she picks one up and smells it.

Ria: Until one day... The pendant itself got out of control.

As Baby Ria sits in bed with a pendant on her neck, it glows. Suddenly, it starts to grow, spreading crystal spikes around itself. Baby Ria, horrified, tries to throw it away, but it looks like it's stuck to her body. She cries out as her entire body is slowly covered by the crystal. It grows, and its edges shatter the lamp and the glass in the bedroom window. It gets dark, only the crystal is glowing from the inside.

Baby Ria: Mom, Dad, help!!!

A giant red, heart-shaped crystal, the same that Usagi saw in her dreams, is standing in front of Ria’s family house outside the broken window with Baby Ria trapped in it. A group of Eternians surrounds the crystal, they discuss the matter.

Ria: The Crystal was meant to suppress her power, and in the end it did – by trapping her. Nothing could break it since it was built to resist one of the strongest powers in the whole Universe.

Ria: Eternians were really trying to help, but some of them still feared her...

The picture shows a group of Eternians standing in the shadows of the evening light.

Eternian One: I'm so glad this evil child is finally trapped in its cage. Did you hear the prophecy? She would have destroyed this planet by the age of nineteen!

Eternian Two: Yeah, but what if she gets out of it somehow? Except for this crystal, nothing in the world can suppress her powers. If she wins, we are doomed!

Eternian Three: I have an idea...

In the night, a group of Eternians gets to the crystal unnoticed. Two of them lift them off the ground using telekinesis, and the other one launches a gravity beam on it to launch it into space. The crystal, with Ria in it, floats across space, away from her home planet.

Ria: Years and years of drifting away, alone in space, struggling to break free, until finally...

We see as the crystal breaks from the inside by Ria's hand and shatters into pieces. At this point in her memories, she's a grown-up, and her eyes are glowing bright red.

(art by Jessieee)

We see her floating in space above the Earth around the shards.

Ria: And still, we are somehow inseparable.

A little heart-shaped crystal can be seen blinking on Ria's chest. Usagi looks at it.

Sailor Moon: Inseparable?

Ria: It doesn't matter! What matters is that... After all this time… I'm finally going home.

Sailor Guardians and Ria are floating across space in a white transparent bubble created by Sailor Teleport.

Sailor Mercury: Are we getting close?

Ria: We are! It's right behind that asteroid.

The bubble passes by the asteroid, and Ria's blue eyes widen in horror and disbelief.

Ria: Is this...

(art by Jessieee)

(preferred soundtrack: Land Of Eternity by Firewind)

The planet in front of them is completely destroyed. Not even ruins are seen on black, lifeless pieces of rock that were once Eternity, held together by gravity. Sailor Guardians gasp.

The bubble lands on what's left of Eternity's surface.

Ria rushes out of the bubbled and falls to her knees. She is motionless. Usagi reaches towards her, but Rei grabs her hand, telling her there is no oxygen. Usagi closes her eyes and concentrates for a while, and the bubble splits into five different oxygen bubbles, each one for each girl.

Ria: It's gone... Eternity... It's all gone. Ruined. Destroyed...

Sailor Jupiter: Maybe it's the wrong planet? What if you're mistaken?

Ria raises her head, and we see the stars above the planet reflecting in her sky.

Ria: No. The stars... They are the same stars I used to look at. Everything in the sky is the same. Except for... Except for the planet. And the people. They're gone. My home... I don't have a home anymore.

Sailor Moon: Hey, we don't know it yet! Eternians are super powerful, right? Maybe they left in advance and left you a message in the Energy Fountain or something!

Ria gets up.

Ria: The Energy Fountain! Nothing can destroy or move it. I need to find it!

She runs across the remains of the planet, Sailor Guardians can barely keep pace. Ria stops in front of the Energy Fountain ruins. There are stones with engraving on them. Ria presses one of them. Holographic images project on the nearest rock.

Ria: The message...

Pictures capture the darkness coming from space, slowly covering the entire planet and panicking Eternians trying to escape it in vain.

Sailor Moon: Horrible...

Ria: So they're truly gone... Swallowed by darkness... Huh... Just like the prophecy said. And they didn't even need me for that.

Sailor Mercury leans in to see the other engraved stones.

Sailor Mercury: The signs. What does this say?

Ria: "The rift broke, and the darkness came. We couldn't fight it. All is lost."

Sailor Mercury: And below?

Ria: "Beware the shadows hiding amongst you".

Sailor Moon: What is the rift? Who are the shadows?

Ria doesn't answer. She just stands there, looking at the surface, and bites her lips.

Ria: All gone. All lost. That's...

She suddenly turns to Sailor Moon.

Ria: That's what I almost put you through.

Ria: I thought your planet is not important... That it needed to be destroyed in order to reach my goal. Funny... The darkness must have thought the same about my planet. The Earth was nothing to me, but it was everything for you. And I almost...

Sailor Moon: I understand, Ria. But you've stopped right in time.

Ria: No, it's you who have stopped me. And you did the right thing. Now your home is safe. And I... I've come this far, only to find out there is no home for me after all...

Ria *barely audible*: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything I did.

Sailor Guardians look at her and nod, as they accept their apology.

Sailor Moon: It's really sad that this happened to you and your planet...

Ria stands quietly for a while. Sailor Guardians mourn her loss with her.

After that, she raises her head and exclaims:

- Energy Fountain, Awaken!

A fountain of white and yellow energy blasts from the rocks beneath. Ria steps into it, her body absorbs the shiny waves of energy. After that, the fountain disappears. Ria turns to Sailor Guardians, her body is still glowing a little.

She waves her hand at Sailor Moon, and her scars heal.

Ria: Thank you, all of you. You helped me get home and get my powers back. Now I'm going to search the galaxy and find the ones who've destroyed my planet.

Her eyes glow red again.

Ria: I'll make them regret what they have done.

She jumps up in the air and soon disappears in space.

Sailor Mercury: She can move with the speed of light?!

Sailor Venus: Apparently, now she can!

Sailor Moon: Bye! Come visit us sometime!

Sailor Mars: But no energy hoarding!

Sailor Guardians stare in the sky for a while, as if Ria turned into one of the stars.

(end of the preferred soundtrack)


Days later, everyone celebrates their victory in the cafe. Mamoru pays and he happily watches Usagi and the girls order one dessert after another. Cats lick their special treats under the table.

Luna: Artemis, how is Minako's boyfriend doing?

Artemis: I didn't trust him at first. But... Now, I have to admit that Minako chose well.

Usagi speaks with her mouth full of food.

Usagi: I want that one!

Usagi reaches for a sweet treat and almost drops her glass. Rei catches it.

Rei: Watch what you’re doing, airhead!

Usagi: I am watching! Rude!

Rei: You don't ever think about the consequences for your own actions, do you?

Usagi: Well, I do... Sometimes.

Rei's voice suddenly turns serious.

Rei: I think you don't! What did you do back then?! Don't ever sacrifice yourself for us ever again, or...

Usagi: Hey, it all worked out!

Mamoru: I'm sorry, Usa, you did what now?!

Everyone goes silent. Rei speaks in a worried tone.

Rei: That was stupid, Usagi! Really, really dumb!

Usagi: I'm not dumb! I just did it because... Because...

She sniffs.

Usagi: You always say you'll be alright but you won't! I saw you die, I saw you all die! Twice! What if it happens again?! I can't let this happen again!! I can't... I can't...

She buries her head into Mamoru's chest and cries. Mamoru hugs her. Everyone stays silent for a while.

Rei: Well, yes, we can die in the end. Our job is dangerous.

Minako and Makoto: Rei!

Rei: However, that's just one possible future. If you think about it for too long, you will miss the present! The present, when we are all here, happily spending time with you.

Ami: The fate of Sailor Guardians is not easy, but that's just because there's evil out there and we are chosen to fight it. Whatever happens to us, is not your fault, Usagi.

Makoto: And we can't imagine life without you. You've tried to protect us, but we want to protect you, too. You're precious to us! Don't be so hard on yourself.

Usagi stops sobbing.

Usagi: Guys...

Minako: I still think everything is going to be alright at the end.

Usagi: You do?

Minako: Yes, and it's because of you!

Usagi wipes her tears.

Usagi: Because of me?

Minako: Yes! Your power gets stronger every day, and it makes us stronger, too. Before I met you, I haven't even thought that using the Silver Crystal like that is even possible, but you keep proving me wrong. I believe in a better future because I believe in you, Usagi. Cheer up!

Usagi looks around her friends and smiles, as she is touched.

Usagi: Girls, you are the best!!

Everyone rushes over to hug Usagi. Inevitably, they knock over some cups and the tea nearly splashes on Artemis' head.

Artemis: Clumsy humans!

Luna: I have to admit, Usagi really has grown a lot. Her recent awakening, and this new attack of hers... She seems really in control of Silver Crystal. I am impressed.

Artemis: She still shouldn't relax too much.

Luna: Really? Why? I think she deserves it.

Artemis: I feel like something is coming. Something strong. Something otherwordly. Will we be able to withstand it?

Luna: I believe in Sailor Guardians. If they unite their power... they can achieve anything.

Artemis: Let's hope for that.


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