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- Sailor Moon and the original Sailor Guardians belong to Naoko Takeuchi
- art, animation, scripts - Jessieee
- guest art - levierina
- art advice - sinxenon
- language advice - @luna-megalopolis
- credit to music owners in video descriptions

A͙rt ga͙llery

InterMeows: Who are the Sailor Guardians and the Moon Princess?

Luna: Hi and welcome to InterMeows, a show by your favorite cats...
Artemis: Where we... interview ourselves, I guess.
Luna: This show is all part of Sailor Moon Space, a fan-made project based on Sailor Moon anime. The first five Sailor Moon Space episodes are already launched, you should check them out if you haven't yet!
Artemis: If they haven't yet... And what if our readers have never seen Sailor Moon? Unlikely, but not impossible...
Luna: Oh! That means they don't even know who you and I are!
Artemis: That means we should introduce ourselves properly. Ahem. My name is Artemis (he/him), this is my... friend, Luna (she/her)...
Luna: And to you, humans, we are probably what's best described as "talking cats".

(read more under the cut)

Artemis: It's a bit more complex than that... We speak a lot of languages, but actually the crescent moons on our foreheads are what helps you to understand us!
Luna: That's why, if you see a cat with a crescent moon on its forehead, you should never try to cover that with bandages or anything. It's not a scar or a bald spot, it's there for a reason. Just... Don't interfere. Trust me.
Artemis: Luna, did someone... Actually try to do this?
Luna: Some kids have caught me on my first day on Earth. I was careless. They were specifically interested in this crescent moon.
Artemis: Those bastards!...
Luna: Anyway, back then I was actually on a mission to find a girl called Usagi Tsukino. I needed her to awaken her powers and transform into a magical girl - Sailor Moon. At this point, everyone probably knows what she looks like. You know, sailor suit, blonde hair in an odango...
Artemis: Yeah, she is more famous than Sailor V now. I'm not complaining, though...
Luna: We'll get to her. As I was saying, the evil powers were sealed away long ago have awakened and were invading the Earth again, so I had to give Usagi the transformation brooch and teach her how to fight the demons! And, well, I also became her cat, so I live in her house now. That's also where her younger brother and her parents live. It's such a cozy place, and, her mom is a pretty good cook!
Artemis: My magical girl only buys me canned food...
Luna: You chose her first.
Artemis: It can be delicious, though! You should try some when we're at her house next time.
Luna: Okay...
Artemis: Good! So, yeah... Before Luna, I've arrived on Earth and found Minako Aino. I've taught her about her powers and gave her the transformation wand. She was fighting the evil powers by the name of Sailor V, and she was pretty famous! There was even a game about her. Later, she joined the team as Sailor Venus.
Luna: Usagi told me something about Sailor V right the day I met her. I didn't think too much about it back then... Anyway, we kept encountering new Sailor Guardians. First was Sailor Mercury, then Sailor Mars, then Sailor Jupiter... I saw the power in those girls and gave them their transformation wands so that they could fight alongside Sailor Moon.
Artemis: And then we've met and Sailor Venus also joined in.
Luna: So, what do you think about Sailor Guardians? Between us and the readers...
Artemis: Minako... This girl! Sometimes I think she's so obsessed with idols and romance novels, she loses track of reality.
Luna: Oh my God. Totally the same with Usagi. Head in the clouds every day... And she's so emotional, too!
Artemis: I have to say, Minako knows when to be serious. She's learned a lot while fighting on her own, and even more when she joined the Sailor Guardians. I can't think of a better person to lead the team...
Luna: Ahem.
Artemis: Well...
Luna: You are right. Venus is the leader for a reason. And Usagi... She still has a lot to learn, but she has come a long way since I've met her. She's truly changed, and she has changed everyone around her, too. Her kind heart truly brings out the best in people. I have to say, I'm really proud of her.
Artemis: Aww, Luna...
Luna: Don't tell her I said that. She'll probably strangle me with hugs...
Artemis: What about the others? Sailor Mercury?
Luna: Ami Mizuno is such a good girl. She went to the same school Usagi did, they are the same age. She's a straight-A student, very polite and intelligent.
Artemis: Why can't everyone be like her?...
Luna: I wonder every day. Next, we have Sailor Mars...
Artemis: Rei Hino, yeah. The shrine maiden. Hot-headed, passionate girl.
Luna: Her and Usagi tease each other a lot, but Rei cares about her deeply. I believe those two have a strong connection.
Artemis: Indeed. Next, we have Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter...
Luna: She is so strong! I was a little shocked when I first saw her. She brought down a demon twice her size with her bare hands before she even transformed!
Artemis: And yet, she's also very sensitive to heartbreak. She has a gentle heart, this girl...
Luna: Yeah... Well, now our readers know a little bit about our main characters!
Artemis: A little bit of terminology now. The team of Sailor Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury is called Inner Sailor Guardians. Yeah, I know, technically Jupiter is an outer planet, but...
Luna: That's how it was called since the Moon Kingdom days. There are also outer Sailor Guardians - Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. We don't interact with them as much, but they're still part of the team.
Artemis: Will they appear in Sailor Moon Space?
Luna: Spoilers!
Artemis: Right... Where was I? I think I was telling the readers about Sailor Venus joining the team... Oh, that's when we found out Sailor Moon was a reincarnation of the Moon Princess!
Luna: Dear readers, we should probably tell you about the Moon Kingdom. But it's such a sad story...
Artemis: We have to, Luna. It's an important part of Sailor Guardians' past, and about the Earth's past, too.
Luna: Well... A long time ago, there was a kingdom on the Moon called Silver Millenium, ruled by the Moon Queen, Serenity. The people of the kingdom lived long and happy lives thanks to the power of the legendary artifact, Silver Crystal, which belonged to the Queen. Her daughter, Princess Serenity, was a sweet, lovely girl, and she liked to visit the Earth. She fell in love with the Earth prince, Endymion. Even if they couldn't be together for a long time, they cared about each other dearly. I and Artemis lived in the Moon Kingdom back then. Everything around us felt so beautiful and peaceful, and then... Then...
Artemis: There was an invasion. Possessed by evil forces, Earth people attacked the Moon Kingdom suddenly. Endymion tried to protect the princess, and so did her Guardians, Sailor Guardians... But they failed.
Luna: The only way to seal the evil away was to use the power of Silver Crystal, which Queen Serenity did in the end. But handling this incredible amount of energy has cost her her life... Our dear Queen...
Artemis: She loved the Moon Kingdom and her people with all her heart. She was willing to make that sacrifice if that meant for everyone fallen in this tragic battle to be reborn on Earth, the planet her daughter loved so much.
Luna: And that's what happened. Moon Princess and her Sailor Guardians have been reborn on Earth. They've lived the lives of ordinary girls, but they still had their power within them, so our Queen told us to find them in case the evil forces break free again.
Artemis: Which they did... By the way, Endymion was also reborn on Earth as Mamoru Chiba. He now fights alongside Sailor Moon under the name Tuxedo Mask.
Luna: Funny how when they first met, Usagi and Mamoru both found each other really annoying. But now, they're dating each other, and their love is so strong...
Artemis: They've found each other in their second life... Truly, the star-crossed lovers!
Luna: Sailor Moon ended up using the Silver Crystal to destroy the darkness for good this time. I was so scared for her, but in the end, all of the Sailor Guardians survived!
Artemis: And then there was an alien invasion...
Luna: Then the evil dynasty came here from the future...
Artemis: Then a mad scientist wanted to steal everyone's hearts...
Luna: Then there was an evil circus...
Artemis: And then, we had to battle the Chaos itself...
Luna: But we won!
Artemis: And now, three years later, in Sailor Moon Space, we have to deal with some sort of evil power yet again...
Luna: I wonder what will happen.
Artemis: Well, I can only hope Sailor Guardians can handle this. After all, stories like ours usually have happy endings!
Luna: At least, that's all we can tell you. Spoilers, remember?
Artemis: Yeah, and that's probably enough of the show for today. But we still have a lot to talk about in the next issue! Like, your planet's future!
Luna: Artemis... The readers are currently in 2020.
Artemis: Oh gosh. That's rough. Hang in there, everyone.
Luna: But there's really something to talk about. For example, what's Crystal Tokyo? Will Usagi, that clumsy girl I know, really become the Queen of the Earth?
Artemis: That's more likely when you think!
Luna: We'll talk about this next time. Stay tuned!
Artemis: Bye!

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