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InterMeows: Who is Neo-Queen Serenity?

Luna: Hi and welcome to the second episode of InterMeows! I'm Luna (she/her)...
Artemis: I'm Artemis (he/him).
Luna: And we're here again today to... Break the fourth wall a little bit!
Artemis: Don't... Say it like that.
Luna: This really isn't new, Artemis. Sailor Moon has interacted with viewers before. But let's face it, we are more consistent than her...
Artemis: And we know more than enough about Sailor Guardians and events surrounding them to have our own show!
Luna: Oh, that's true. That's what we've talked about the first episode. A lot! By the way, if you have no idea who Sailor Moon and her Sailor Guardians are, I suggest you read the previous episode first. That's where we're introducing them, and we also talk about their past and Moon Kingdom.
Artemis: And now, let's continue where we left off.

(read more under the cut)

Luna: We've talked about the past before, let's talk about the future! Spoilers ahead, I guess...
Artemis: The future of Planet Earth is discussed a lot in the second season of Sailor Moon.
Luna: That's when we first met Chibiusa, a little girl with pink hair, who came to us from the future! Completely unexpectedly...
Artemis: Her home was invaded by the evil Black Moon Clan, and she ran away to the past, hoping to find the Silver Crystal.
Luna: And then the enemies followed her back to our time, and Sailor Guardians were protecting this little girl.
Artemis: Eventually, Chibiusa has brought us to the Time Gate she came here through. Time Gate is guarded by Sailor Pluto - the Sailor Guardian with the powers of space-time manipulation. Sailor Pluto opened the gate for Chibiusa as she escaped, and she let Sailor Guardians, Tuxedo Mask, and us in to look at the future.
Luna: That's when we found out more about Chibiusa's family and who she really was! She showed us her home.
Artemis: The city Chibiusa brought us to is called Crystal Tokyo, the future capital of Earth. Chibiusa's parents live in the Crystal Palace since they are royalty. Their names? Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion.
Luna: Sounds familiar? Well, that's because they're the future Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, also known as Usagi and Mamoru!
Artemis: We've learned that one day, Usagi will be able to fully possess the true power of the Silver Crystal. This power is going to save the Earth from a natural disaster and ensure the long and peaceful lives of all humans. And that's when she gets proclaimed the queen of the world!
Luna: She won't be singlehandedly making all the political decisions in the world, though. I wouldn't trust any single person with this, let alone Usagi...
Artemis: But she can be trusted with Silver Crystal, which is the most reliable energy source when it comes to banishing darkness from deep space. So, Neo-Queen Serenity's mission is to protect the Earth from possible invasions...
Luna: This is also the mission of her King and her Sailor Guardians.
Artemis: Now, we all know it's going to happen, but we don't know exactly, when... But I have a feeling this events might be close already.
Luna: Oh! Do you remember the tiara Usagi has in the first episode of Sailor Moon Space, in her Celestial form? This tiara resembles the tiara Neo-Queen Serenity has. That's why I consider her new form an awakening as Neo-Queen Serenity!
Artemis: And that's probably why the episode is called "The Queen Awakens".
Luna: That means, soon, Sailor Guardians will be fully responsible for the safety of our planet...
Artemis: What do you think about this? Should we start training them for that?
Luna: It seems right, but... I don't think we should. The next few years might be the last chance our Guardians get to live as ordinary girls... And they deserve that life.
Artemis: You're right. We can't stop them from chasing their dreams. Ami wants to become a doctor, Rei is continuing her spiritual journey, Makoto plans to open a cafe, and Minako still dreams about being an idol...
Luna: And Usagi... She has a lot of dreams. But her biggest wish is probably to have a beautiful wedding... And to be a good mom. Again, we don't know when exactly that will happen, but... Chibiusa has stopeed coming to our timeline, since she feels like she's getting close to her own birth. And intersecting with your own self while time traveling for an extended period of time is against the time travelling laws.
Artemis: Speaking of which...
Luna: What?
Artemis: Chibusa is not the only one in the show who comes from the future...
Luna: Oh... Do you think we should tell them?
Artemis: The author says it's important...
Luna: Fine! In season four of Sailor Moon, Chibusa is accompanied by a tiny grey talking kitten with pink eyes.
Artemis: Her name is Diana.
Luna: And she is...
Artemis: Our...
Luna: Future...
Artemis: Daughter.
Luna: Don't ask, humans. It's none of your business.
Artemis: R-right...
Luna: Anyway, we've told them plenty of stuff already. Do you think it's time to end the episode?
Artemis: Perharps... I think this is all you need to know to finally start reading Sailor Moon Space!
Luna: And if you have any question, send an ask to this blog and we'll gladly answer them!
Artemis: We can also talk more in-depth about Usagi's new abilities and the power of Silver Crystal! But that will happen later, most likely...
Luna: Until then, bye!
Artemis: Bye!

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