Act I - Crystals

It's been years since the Sailor Guardians last fought the powers of evil, and the girls are ready to enter new chapters of their lives as they've finished school. But everything changes as the giant, dark crystals start to descend to the city from the sky. They inflict great danger on citizens of Tokyo. Will Sailor Moon be able to protect her home once again? With her newly found power, however, it seems like everything possible!


-✧ The Queen Awakens

It's been years since the last time Sailor Moon had to fight in a battle, but the nightmares about her friends' deaths haunt her to this day. One morning, a giant dark crystal descends from the sky, attacking innocent citizens. The Sailor Guardians have to protect the city, but Sailor Moon feels powerless... (read more)

-✧ Sailor Sibling

Usagi's brother Shingo tells her he knows her secret - he finds out his sister is the famous Sailor Moon! Usagi denies everything, but she can't hide from the truth forever... (read more)

-✧ Crystal Invasion

Crystals appear in the sky all over Tokyo. They seem harmless at first, but their true impact on humanity is yet to be discovered. Sailor Guardians need to get together and discover the source of this mysterious energy. (read more)

-✧ Home

As Sailor Guardians approach the energy source of all the crystals, they encounter their real enemy - the person behind the crystal invasion. And they appear to have fallen right into her trap... (read more)

-✧ Eternity

Sailor Guardians and Ria travel to space to find out what really happened on Ria's home planet years ago. (read more)